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Jules Mohr
Daniel Mohr
Jules Mohr
I have been making jewelry since I was sixteen years old. I took an independent studies class in high school and have been working with silver ever since. I teach myself new techniques, and learn to work with new tools all of the time.
 I love the organic feel of stones and get much of my inspiration from how the stones speak to me. I try to highlight the beauty of things as well as the beauty of the wearer. Silver is my favorite medium for working in. It is malleable, shapeable, bendable, and has so much shine and depth.
I work with wire, sheet silver, soldering, and some casting. Sand casting is my favorite way to cast. The piece ends up with a very organic feel to it.
I make wall sculpture out of silver and gemstone. I also work with custom orders. I love it when a person falls in love with one of my pieces. There is nothing more satisfying than when a piece finds its person.
Daniel Mohr
I have lived my entire life in Minnesota. I have been drawing and writing comics for over twenty years, and my mom says I'm great. In 2007 I debuted my first Web Comic, “Everyday Gods” which I both write and draw, and since then I have helped create the Web Comic “World Wide News” as the artist in 2009. In addition to the Web Comics, I also create tattoo designs, artwork, and am involved in theater acting, and script writing.